South Valley Corvette Club

Dedicated to the ownership and preservation of the Corvette



Date - Time - Start Location - Hosted by - Destination

January  20th - 9:45 am - Arrive at Gilroy Bowl - Ed & Norm (Lunch at Cinnabar Hills Golf Club @ 12:00)

February 17th - 10:00 am -Meet at Gilroy DMV -  John O. (Davenport Road House on Hwy 1)

March 17th  - 9:00 am - Meet at Gilroy DMV - Larry O. (Buck's of  Woodside)

April  21st - TBD

May  19th - TBD

June  16th - TBD - Russ & Susi

July  21st - TBD - Michael & Samia

August 18th - TBD (Anniversary Picnic)

September 15th - TBD - Paul & Sylvia

October  20th - TBD

November 17th - TBD

December  1st - Christmas Party 

NOTE:  Departure time is ~30 minutes after time shown.


We have a meeting once a month, with the date and location selected by one of our members.

Locations are selected to provide a fun ride to the destination, such as the Monterey Bay area.

We welcome all Corvette owners and enthusiasts to join us.